My Intuitive Touch!

Gary L. Johnson MA, CMT

Gary L. Johnson MA, CMT

CMT - Health Educator / Principal

My name is Gary L. Johnson and I am the sole proprietor for Intuitive Touch Massage.

I am from Los Angeles & a Pepperdine University alumnus!  I moved to San Francisco in 2000 for a new job and graduate school.   I received my MA in Applied Psychology (emphasis on Industrial Organizational Psychology)

I am often asked about how I became a massage therapist!

A simple answer is that it took the support from a village, a few timely lay-offs, and the need to do something that was fulfilling & challenging, yet helpful and recession proof.

Also, since hindsight is 20/20, it was my cumulative educational, socio-economical, familial, cultural, professional, and psychological influences were the progenitors that had naturally led me into becoming a massage therapist. Please contact me If you have questions:

Intuitive Touch Massage

Intuitive Touch Massage (ITM)

Intuitive Touch Massage (ITM)

Mobile & Local SF Massage Business

Intuitive Touch Massage is my private practice! ITM is a "MOBILE" business which means:

A) I prefer to do OUT-CALLS, however, if your home would not comfortably support a positive ITM experience, then I may be able to accommodate you.

B) The ITM experience and philosophy is centered in providing high quality "therapy" over the other benefits that massage provides.

C) As a result my massage technique is a bit deeper, potentially more intense, and maybe somewhat more focused than a typical Swedish massage. My work is not for everyone, but I try to accommodate anyone by relying on my intuition.

D) The ITM experience is not classified only as: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myo-Fascial, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, or Trigger Point Massage. I use all and any technique in my repertoire to ensure that you experience provides you with a very therapeutic & hopefully relaxing massage experience.

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